HOA Manager’s Foundation Tips for Vail Valley Homes

With A Heavy Snow Season Come the Worries of Basement Water Intrusion  

Before hitting the slopes and celebrating all of the snow it is important to remember the foundation of your home.  Sandra Cuccia, one of Bold’s HOA Managers weighs in on a few steps you can take to protect your home before spring blossoms in.



Notes from Sandra.

As snow melts the water produced seeps down into the soil and can sometimes make it’s way into your basement through gaps and cracks.

10 inches of snow equals about 1 inch of rain.

One inch of rain off a typical roof equals 1,743 gallons!  Now that’s a lot of water!

There are steps you can take now to combat what could become a real problem.

  • Never let water drain directly next to the foundation of your home.
  • Make sure downspouts and drains are directing water away from the home and out into the yard.
  • Remove icicles that form above or near basement windows.
  • Shovel snow away from your home, basement windows and window wells.
  • Inspect the ground around the foundation of your home next summer. Build up low lying areas around your home to create positive drainage away from your home’s foundation.
  • Have any cracks and gaps in your foundation sealed before next winter.

Be pro-active now! Save yourself the headache that can come from warmer temperatures. Contact Sandra at Bold Property Management Solutions to address questions and concerns regarding your Vail Valley home (970)-949-6070.