Vail Valley Snow Removal Fairies

Vail is headed towards a record breaking snow year, which means that while you are out enjoying the ski slopes or fast asleep dreaming of line-less lifts and waist deep powder, the snow removal fairies are hard at work.  Snow removal can be a major pain for everyone, however, at Bold we do our best to properly remove snow, keep your driveways clear, and the roads safe.

Kimberly Roland, Director of Association Services, along with Association Assistant Manager, Avery Tinley, have put together a few ways you can help us properly remove snow from your neighborhood.

What are the snow removal companies responsible for or what is covered under contract?

Plowing season runs from November 15th to April 15th- all snow events before or after these are excluded and usually cost more money. Most association contracts cover snowfalls of two inches or more. Snow is plowed from driveways, and contracts often include shoveling walkways as well. Normal contracts do not include sanding, loading or pushing of excess piles.

How can resident’s help with snow removal (i.e. moving cars, etc.)?

Moving cars is helpful, especially after every snow event of 2 inches or more. It’s also important to be familiar with your Rules and Regs for your HOA which will often cover specific snow season rules. We ask our contractors to fill bins with cinders and/or snow melt for the contractor to use but also for the owners to use when they see slippery surfaces.

How much does it have to snow in order to require plowing?

Usually 2 inches.

Do you recommend roof shoveling/deck shoveling while residents are not occupying home?

Many Associations set aside resources for roof snow removal several times a season in accordance with the snow load and capacity/age of the roof. It can be helpful to stay on top of both roof and deck shoveling so that ice doesn’t build up and to prevent damage and extend life of roof.

Anything else we should know?

Ice damming has been an issue- especially this year in gutters, on driveways and on roofs. It would be prudent for owners to keep track of ice build-up, especially in gutters and near walkways where drainage can cause slippery sidewalks. Always call your property manager if you have concerns about snow and ice conditions.

Bold is here to help with your property’s and association’s snow removal needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions, concerns, or requests regarding Vail Valley snow removal (970) 949-6070.